why autocom

Why Choose Autocom?

Optimum Comfort, Safety, Durability, Performance and Value for Money
Autocom’s longstanding reputation as a leading innovator in the field – reaffirmed time and time again by the international media – speaks for itself and the Autocom brand is your guarantee that the system has been designed, built and tested to the very highest standards of excellence to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Many years of dedicated research and development enable us to offer you audio/communications systems which are the ultimate in comfort, safety, durability, performance and value.

Comfort –
No matter how good the system, if it’s uncomfortable to use, the only thing you’ll want to do is remove it from your helmet. All Autocom systems are engineered for maximum comfort when installed.

Safety –
Our headsets are specifically designed for easy installation without having to modify the helmet. The purpose designed in-line connectors will quick release in an emergency and the small, soft microphone is designed to minimise the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Durability –
At Autocom we know how tough motorcycle equipment needs to be and all systems, leads, connectors and components are designed and built to last. We rigorously test every product before despatch, so you can be sure they will work perfectly, every time.

Performance –
The superior performance of Autocom systems is renowned and is consistently borne out both by our customers and the media.
We live by this unequalled reputation and all our products earn the Autocom name by successfully completing a demanding series of tests in real world conditions, ensuring they will exceed your highest expectations.

Ease of Installation –
Our headsets are designed to install quickly and easily into virtually any type of helmet. They feature super slim speakers and a choice of flexible, unobtrusive boom microphones.

Value for Money –
The Autocom the saying goes “you get what you pay for” as confirmed in every media test for the last 14 years. The combination of innovative features, exceptional quality and outstanding performance means Autocom offers truly extraordinary products at unbeatable value.