about powerlet

Why Powerlet?

Powerlet offers the most complete line of expertly engineered connectors, cables, mounting systems, and battery charging products. Powerlet customers can fully enjoy any modern electronic device while using their motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or personal watercraft.

Powerlet Connector

Powerlet plugs and sockets are fully compatible with power outlets found on BMW, Victory, KTM, Triumph and Ducati. Vehicle manufacturers use these connectors because they are smaller, more durable, vibration proof and can handle more power than an automotive cigarette socket. Unlike standard cigarette connectors, Powerlet plugs and sockets conform to a worldwide DIN ISO standard.

Standard Cigarette Plugs & Sockets

These are the types of sockets are what you normally find in cars, and the plugs are standard on most 12volt mobile phone car chargers, power leads for car GPS units, and car MP3 chargers, etc.



Powerlet plugs have many advantages over standard cigarette plugs.  Firstly they are made to a much higher standard meaning they are more durable then standard cigarette plugs.

Powerlet plugs actually “lock-in” when inserted, meaning they are virtually “vibration proof” giving excellent 12volt connection, and will also not easily “bounce” out of the socket.

Powerlet Range

Powerlet make a variety of Plugs and Sockets, with many different combinations of leads.

Plugs & Sockets

Plugs (male) to connect a variety of devices.  All Powerlet plugs come ready to “wire-in” all types of 12volt gadgets.  All plugs come with the necessary screws and connectors. Plugs generally come in either Straight or Right-Angled, and some have strain-relief clamps and boots.

(please be careful when wiring certain devices where the original plug contains electrical components. These devices may have step-down voltage regulators. In cases where there are components within the original socket “head”, it would be advisable to use a Powerlet Adaptor Cable – see below)

Sockets (female) come in two types.  Either Powerlet sized sockets or standard Cigarette sockets.  In this section you will find these socketssockets available on their own with minimum wiring connected.

These sockets are also available in complete Kits. Please Adaptor Cables and Bike Power Kits below.

Adaptor Cables

These cables have a variety of uses.  The most common leads are used to convert from Powerlet sockets to standard cigarette sockets.  There are many different combinations, varying in cable lengths, single and multiple sockets, and some with SAE connectors to allow multiple connections.

These leads are generally used to obtain 12volt from Powerlet sockets on bikes, and connect varying devices.

Bike Power Kits

Complete kits to distribute 12volt power to virtually any location on a bike.  These kits come in a variety of combinations, to suit all makes and models of motorcycles.


Luggage Kits

Complete kits and various attachments to suit different Tank Bags and Luggage.  These kits can be supplied as complete ready-to-go solutions, or mix and match to suit.


ipod & iPhone Chargers

Leads to enable the powering of ipods and iPhones from Powerlet sockets or directly from a bike’s 12volt power.

Misc Accessories

Replacement components and parts to suit Powerlet accessories.